The Ergonomics Teacher Buys a Task Chair, Part 2

Chair Evaluation FormHere at DI, we’ve been testing different chairs for the past month and filling out our evaluations (shown above). It’s been great to work with the account reps from Humanscale, Ohio Desk and Cuyahoga Companies. They happily delivered sample chairs to the office. I highly recommend testing them in the office environment and sitting on each for a day.

I also attended an ergonomics presentation by Colleen Kirkbride from Ohio Desk. It was interesting testing a treadmill desk and the Airtouch desk by Steelcase. Confirming the notion that we shouldn’t sit all day, moving around or standing can help prevent workplace injuries to the lumbar and cervical areas of the spine.

For the shorter members of our extended family, some chairs offer a smaller version. But a more practical option is an angled foot rest to prevent the problem of dangling legs.

Not surprisingly, everyone in the office had a different favorite. The short list included: The Liberty Chair, The World Chair and the Very Chair. All agreed they are MUCH better than the old chairs. Next, I’ll be getting pricing and warranty information to help with the final purchase decision.

Stay tuned. Carla Blackman

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