Three Things That Make This Barbie Infographic

Here’s a great infographic I found in the February 8, 2016 issue of TIME magazine.* The things I like are the focused timeline, the clear design and interesting story.

1. Focused Timeline:
• Uses years in bold typeface
• Gives credible sources at bottom
• Round bubble with historical prices

2. Clear Design:
• Easy to follow layout in three rows
• Triangle pointers highlighting the years
• Drawings and photos create visual interest
• Combines the dolls with real people

3. Good Story
• Photo captions are highly readable
• Good mix of story and facts
• Graphics combined with text tell the story
• Facts that are worth sharing

Barbie’s were part of my toy box as a child. I applaud Mattel for making this bold move, it’s great to see Barbie as a positive role model. ~Carla

Watch: Barbie’s Designers Take Us Inside the Mattel Design Studio

*Reporting by Merrill Fabry; Illustrations by Heather Jones for TIME

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