2016 Design Predictions

The following design predictions are taken from an article entitled, “What to Expect in 2016: Predictions from Top Creatives,” found on the How Design website. The designers and educators who commented have some interesting insight about design in 2016. Below are a few predictions from the article.

Business + Design—. . . To be a successful, relevant or working designer in 2016, you’ll have to “think how they think, to do what we do.” Learning the language of business and marketing will become key to creating better creative work. Companies will look to designers to inject creativity into the beginning of a business problem instead of relegating creativity to the execution or the end of solving a problem. Though I can’t predict the future, I’m certain about this. —Douglas Davis

Print—Some say print is dead. Well, it’s not, and it will never be, but how we design for it has changed. It used to be that we would start with print and eventually get to digital. Now it’s the exact opposite. Digital should be first, and then carry that same approach and strategy to print. It’s always exciting to have nice printed branded materials, but if you’re not spending most of your marketing efforts online, then you’re living in the past.—Paramore Digital

Interactive—Flat design is good, which is why it’s not going anywhere. There’s no reason to over-design a tool. It needs to be functional, and not confuse the user. However, there are some new design elements that Google has introduced, called Material Design (https://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html#). It still keeps the design flat, but adds some dimension. Using perspectives, shadows, and movement, it creates a more realistic environment. I really love what they are doing and would love to see more of this in 2016. —Paramore Digital

To read more predictions go to —http://www.howdesign.com/resources-education/graphic-design-trends-2016/



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How to render a package design

We often get requests for images of package designs that we have created when a photo isn’t available.

Here’s how in a few easy steps:
1. Make a 3D model of a plain box in SolidWorks to the correct dimensions.












2. Open the InDesign file of the package design.










3. Take each panel of the 2D image and apply it to the 3D package in SolidWorks.

4, Decide on rendering parameters, such as lighting.

5. Hit render in SolidWorks.

Is it time for a package facelift? Click on our portfolio of Package Design, then contact me for more information. E-mail: carla@designinterface.com

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IDEA Awards 2015

idea gallery 2015

This year the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) celebrates 35 years of showcasing exemplary designs from around the world in a wide range of categories. Professional industrial designers and students submitted 1,778 entries for consideration by 24 jurors. It’s always fun to see where the field is headed and get a glimpse into our future as these designs become trendsetters. Click the link below to visit IDSA’s web site and view the gallery. -Doug

IDEA Gallery

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Four Seasons Artwork Catching On

Fall@Spencer Creek Art-009_sm

Fall at Spencer Creek


Four Seasons at Cleveland Museum of Art lagoon

Carla Blackman delivered a commission for Robert & Diane Scelza that is part of her “Four Seasons” series titled “Fall at Spencer Creek,” and 64″ x 30.” It’s oil overpainted onto a canvas photographic print.

In addition, Carla’s piece in the faculty show at the Cleveland Institute of Art, titled “Four Seasons at Cleveland Museum of Art lagoon” was purchased by by one of CIA’s major benefactors. It’s also oil overpainted onto photographic prints. It was one of only four pieces of art sold out of 80 or 90 pieces in the show.

She’s working on a piece for donation to the Providence House Deck The House Silent Auction on December 8. It’s titled Four Seasons at Spencer Creek measuring 16” x 30.”

For more information contact carla@designinterface.com or go to http://www.designinterface.com/four-seasons-art.html

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Microlattice Could Get Us to Mars


This is a cool new product:  a grid of tiny metallic tubes arranged in a lattice-like structure that is about 99% air. Invented by HRL Laboratories, this breakthrough promises to change industries that require strong but lightweight materials (think airplanes and spaceships). It’s apparently as strong as aluminum but only half the weight. Check out the video to learn more.


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Apple: World’s Most Valuable Brand

Apple is the world’s most valuable brand now worth $145.3 billion, but what does that mean?

Important facts contribute to the valuation: they sold 74.8 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2014 with phone sales up 49%. Apple is making money hand over fist with an $18 billion profit in the fourth quarter, up 33% from the prior year. In a recent marketing & design class, I presented the idea of brand equity to students at the Cleveland Institute of Art. That’s the marketing and financial value associated with a brand’s strength in the market.

On the marketing side brand equity is made up of brand name awareness, perceived brand quality, brand associations, & brand loyalty. On the financial side, “Forbes valued brands on three years of earnings and allocated a percentage of those earnings based on the role brands play in each industry (e.g., high for luxury goods and beverages, low for airlines and oil companies). We applied the average price-to-earnings multiple over the past three years to these earnings to arrive at the final brand value.” says Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes.

Taking a look at the four marketing measures, it also makes sense. If you ask: Does Apple have good brand name awareness? Does it have good perceived brand quality? Are the brand associations accurate? and finally, Is there brand loyalty to the product? A big ‘yes’ to all of the above questions, especially the brand loyalty. They don’t call us Mac addicts for nothing! ~ Carla

Here’s a list of the top 10 most valuable brands for 2015:
1. Apple – $145 billion
2. Microsoft – $69.3 billion
3. Google – $65.6 billion
4. Coca-cola – $56 billion
5. IBM – $49.8 billion
6. MacDonald’s – $39.5 billion
7. Samsung – $37.6 billion
8. Toyota – $37.8 billion
9. GE Capital – $37.5 billion
10. Facebook – $36.5 billion

Forbes – http://www.forbes.com/powerful-brands/list/#tab:rank
Forbes – http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2015/05/13/apple-and-microsoft-head-the-worlds-most-valuable-brands-2015/

Top Brands for 2015

Top Brands for 2015

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“We Can Do That”


When a client asks Design Interface to create a promotional piece for their company and we mention that we are capable of doing other design work, such as…

•  Annual Reports  •  Brochures/Sell Sheets  •  Booklets & Flyers  

•  Technical Drawings  •  Catalog Design and Layout  •  Logos and Branding  

•  Postcards, Business Cards  •  Product Manuals and Instructions  

•  Copy Writing  •  Photography

…we sometimes get a reply, ”I didn’t know you could do that.” Our answer to that reply is, “yes we can.”

Design Interface is a full service graphic, package and product design firm. We can show you what is possible. Our forward-thinking solutions unlock the value of your ideas as we communicate your message and goals through innovative design. Visit the Design Interface website and see all we can do for you. http://www.designinterface.com


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PhotoNow Exhibit

photonow exhibitThis week I attended the opening of the annual “PhotoNow” show presented by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve at Cuyahoga Community College Gallery East. The show features a mix of digital photography from prominent Ohio visual artists as well as amateur photographers and will be running from September 8 – October 13, 2015. One of the entries was from a long-time client, Bruce Sherman, inventor of the GymValet Bottle and Towel Holder. I helped prepare his work using Photoshop so it was fun to see the final result hanging in an art gallery. The opening was very well attended and the free show is a great way to experience the work of some very talented artists in Northeast Ohio – check it out!  ~Doug

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Cleveland Institute of Art celebrates new building

New CIA facility at 11610 Euclid in Cleveland, Ohio

New CIA facility at 11610 Euclid in Cleveland, Ohio

Design Faculty: Haishan Deng, Dan Cuffaro, Adrian Slattery and Mari Hulick

Design Faculty: Haishan Deng (left), Dan Cuffaro, Adrian Slattery and Mari Hulick

CIA’s faculty, students and staff officially opened their unified campus on Friday, August 28 with a parade and the closing of the old building doors. It was great being part of this energetic and happy event attended by hundreds. We watched as Mayor Frank Jackson closed the doors, then kicked off a colorful parade with the New-Orleans style Revolution Brass Band. CIA President Grafton Nunes greeted the parade marchers at the new $75 million facility, 11610 Euclid Avenue. The faculty show opened in its beautiful curved gallery with an eclectic mix of work from all CIA’s disciplines. As a proud member of the faculty for 30 years I’m delighted with my new classroom, air conditioning and automatic AV equipment make my job so much easier.  ~ Carla

More photos here: http://www.cleveland.com/arts/index.ssf/2015/08/cleveland_institute_of_art_cel.html#incart_river

Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/2jba4fmqMb/?taken-by=cleinstituteart

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